With the increasing amount of sustainability awareness around the world, it is important for everyone to understand what sustainability is, its economic, social, and environmental impacts, and what we as citizens of Planet Earth can do to play our role.

How can we address sustainability? What can we do to help minimize our carbon footprint?

What policies and regulations can we implement, modify, or declare obsolete for a sustainable future?

How will this impact Egyptian economy? And the overall Africa and Middle East economy? How about the global economy?

How can we empower others to make a difference? And most importantly, how can we wield the wand of “innovation” to make this all happen?

To answer these questions, DEVA Sustainability Consulting launched a new initiative, Sustainability Insider magazine and website; an industry publication focusing solely on Sustainability.

The publication’s content is based around the three core components of sustainable development: economic sustainability, environmental sustainability, and social sustainability.

This initiative seeks to explore how to effectively bring the environment and economy together through intellectual dialogue and discussion among individuals in all sectors with a strong interest in sustainability.

Hope is messy and multifaceted and requires digging in to difficult work; it’s a learned behavior that embodies both empathy and action, as opposed to wistful wishing. Hope needs you to care, and do something about it.

Mahmoud Mansour, Sustainability Insider Editor-in-Chief and DEVA Executive Director